Skotan to build massive biofuel plant with Agrar Technik

2007-12-21 00:00
2007-12-21 00:00
In Q1 2008 the two companies will establish a joint venture called Skotan-Ester, with ownership split 74% for Skotan and 26% for AT. "We expect very substantial synergies from the joint venture given AT's extensive range of operations in agribusiness, fuels and biodiesel production and distribution, and research," says Marek Pawełczak, Skotan CEO.

The Sławków plant is expected to come online in mid-2009 and will be the biggest of this type in Poland. Skotan had originally planned to build two smaller facilities, but the tie-up with AT enabled it to build a much larger plant and the other project was put on hold pending completion of the Sławków facility.

Skotan-Ester's growth strategy entails acquisitions of rivals and possibly a stock market debut. The partnership with AT reflects Skotan's recent shift of strategic focus to biodiesel production and marketing. (Puls Biznesu, p. 9) R.M.

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