NFI Progress prepares to go Supernova

2007-10-10 00:00
2007-10-10 00:00
NFI Progress is preparing to implement a new strategy of investing in high-risk projects, giving investors who are prepared to take the plunge the opportunity to reap rewards of up to 35%. This new direction will see the fund become an investment vehicle for Supernova Capital, which itself will no longer get involved in new projects, instead it will sell its current asset portfolio to NFI Progress.

NFI will also change its name to Supernova Fund, while its management board will be augmented with Supernova Capital owners Maciej Wandzel and Maciej Zientara. To finance new projects and prepare for its identity change, NFI has already begun disposing of its real-estate assets, collecting zł.157 million to date. zł.30 million of this has been spent settling debts, while another zł.30 million will be spent on 16% stake in PPWK purchased from Supernova Capital. In October the newly created Supernova Fund will invest in three projects, of which two will be acquired from Supernova Capital. "One is a company representing the metal sector with strong consumer brand," said Maciej Zientara, deputy president of Supernova, adding that zł.22 million will be required for this investment. In 2008 Supernova Capital will invest up to zł.200 million in Supernova Fund, all of which will be spent on enterprises in poor financial condition. (Puls Biznesu, pp. 1, 6-7) M.M.

Najlepsze konta dla płacących kartą lub telefonem - styczeń 2022 r.

Najlepsze konta dla płacących kartą lub telefonem - styczeń 2022 r.

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