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Komunikaty spółki - NOVATURAS

“Novaturas” will hold an Investor Conference Webinar to introduce the financial results for the 1H of 2021
Preliminary financial results for 6 months of 2021
Notification of a person/group on the disposal of voting rights
Notifications of transactions by persons discharging managerial responsibilities and persons closely associated with them
The investment for issued bonds emissions has reached “Novaturas” group
Preliminary financial results for 5 months of 2021
The smallest tick size has been applied to AB “Novaturas” shares
Changes in the management of “Novaturas” Latvian subsidiary
Nasdaq event "CEO Meets Investors 2021"
Preliminary financial results for 4 months of 2021
AB “Novaturas” opens summer 2022 early booking sales to three most popular holiday destinations
Invitation to webinar “Investor meets: Novaturas”
AB “Novaturas” resumes flights from all the Baltics to Greece from the mid of May
AB Novaturas annual information for the year 2020
UPDATE: Regarding decisions of the general meeting of shareholders of Public limited liability company “Novaturas”
NOVATURAS 1,18% 17,20
2021-07-22 09:39:45


  • Publikacja skonsolidowanego raportu za I półrocze 2021 roku.

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