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Gorenje gospodinjski aparati d.d. (GRV)

Komunikaty spółki - GORENJE

Disclosure of transactions effected by persons discharging managerial responsibilities and persons closely related to them
Resolutions adopted at the 28th Annual General Meeting of Gorenje d. d.
Change of the Financial calendar for the year 2018
Information about the change of the total number of shares with the voting right
Convocation of the 28th Shareholders Assembly Meeting of Gorenje, d. d.
Public notice about the entry of resolutions regarding the transfer of GRVG Shares of remaining shareholders to the main shareholder and delisting of GRVG shares into the court register
Press release regarding Gorenje Supervisory Board session
Resolutions adopted at the 27th Annual General Meeting of Gorenje d. d.
Franjo Bobinac appointed Vice President for Marketing of Hisense International
Gorenje's own brand sales up in the first half of 2018
Information on letters of resignation of Supervisory Board members
Gorenje expands management board with six new members
Convocation of the 27th Shareholders Assembly Meeting of Gorenje, d. d.
Information on the publication of decision, based on Article 6(1)(b) of European Council Merger Regulation
Press release regarding the first Gorenje Supervisory Board session
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