AGROLIGA GROUP PLC: Information about ivents after reporting period

2022-04-15 19:06
2022-04-15 19:06
The Board of Directors, guided by the requirements of IAS 10, informs the shareholders that the sowing of grain crops in part of the fields is postponed. Some of the fields are located on the territory that is currently controlled by Russian troops. Significant hostilities did not occur in these areas.
Sowing work in the fields located in the territory controlled by Ukraine will be carried out according to plan.
The remaining assets, oil refineries and a power plant, are located on Ukrainian-controlled territory. These assets are in normal condition, the equipment is operating in standard mode.
The company plans to replace the missing raw materials by purchasing them from other producers. Sunflower oil production, electricity production and grain trading activities will continue as normal.
Źródło:Komunikaty spółek (EBI)
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