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Milestone Medical Inc. (MMD)

Komunikaty spółki - MILESTONE

The Update on The Partnership with RedOne Medical
Receiving CE Mark approval of pre-assembled disposable kit for CompuFlo® Epidural System in Europe
Receiving a Notice of Allowance for European Patent Related to Peripheral Nerve Block Instrument
Abstract acceptance of CompuFlo Epidural Instrument integrated with CompuWave for presentation at the Euroanaesthesia 2020 Congress
The receipt of five year follow-up report by expert and consultant in Peripheral Nerve Block (PNB) Regional Anesthesia; provides validation and confidence to advance CompuFlo in PNB market
Receiving a Notice of Allowance for U.S Patent related to Cosmetic Injection System
Receiving a Notice of Allowance on patent for CompuWave for integration into CompuFlo Epidural System
Dates for the Transmission of Periodical Reports in 2020
Reporting Ninth Published Study Reinforcing Efficacy of CompuFlo Epidural Instrument as an Objective Tool to Identify the Epidural Space and Reduce Risk of Accidental Dural Puncture
Milestone Medical Provides Year-End Update on Commercial Rollout of CompuFlo® Epidural System
Signing the Agreement with 3B Scientific to Distribute the CompuFlo Epidural Trainer Globally
Signing the Agreement with RedOne Medical to Distribute the CompuFlo Epidural System
Consolidated quarterly report for third quarter 2019
Appointment of an entity authorised to audit financial statements for the year 2019
Appointment of Directors to the Board for new term of office
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