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Uniwheels AG (UNW)

Komunikaty spółki - UNIWHEELS

Polish Financial Supervision Authority adopted a resolution on granting consent to revoke de-materialization of UNIWHEELS AG shares, what will result in delisting of shares from trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
Wyniki finansowe
Invitation to the Extraordinary General Meeting 2017
Resolution on the conclusion of a domination and profit and loss transfer agreement between UNIWHEELS AG as controlled entity and Superior Industries International Germany AG as controlling entity
Update on structural measures including the delisting of the Company
Wyniki finansowe
Resolution on the dividend payment made by the Annual General Meeting
Counter-motion by majority shareholder with a lower dividend per share
Subject: Resignation of Dr. Thomas Buchholz as Chairman of the Executive Board; appointment of Dr. Wolfgang Hiller as new Chairman of the Executive Board
Invitation to the Annual General Meeting 2017 UNIWHEELS AG
Changes to the Supervisory Board composition
Information regarding delisting of the Company and other structural measures
Threshold of 75% has been reached by Superior Industries to close the tender offer deal for shares of UNIWHEELS AG
Wyniki finansowe
Position of the Executive Board of UNIWHEELS AG on the tender offer for the company shares announced by Superior Industries International AG
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