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Transfer pieniędzy z Barclays

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Witam serdecznie, niedawno wystawiłem ipada2 na allegro i odezwał się do mnie gość z Wlk Brytanii, że chce kupić tego ipada, bla bla, wszystko ok, tyle że jego bank chce, żeby wysłał mu potwierdzenie nadania tego ipada2, nawet bym go nie wysyłał, ale mail przyszedl z o takiej treści:

"The Barclays Bank Of United Kingdom Plc Money Transfer

Barclays Bank Security Measures.


This e-mail is to let of the payment made into your bank account by (BARNEY GABRIELLA) for the item #:(IPAD 2 16GB) bought from you on Allegro.

The transaction number is: M07046823932UK and you have the sum of £ 570 GBP deposited with us pending till you confirm us that you have ship the item to the buyer address which is to secure the interest of both buyers and sellers.

We have already deducted the mentioned amount from the buyers account, We have the money waiting in our dept account for you to clear. To make this clearance you need to ship the item and get back to us with the scan receipt of the shipment to verify your shipment.

This is a must to ensure a safe transaction experience.To verify your shipping at this time, please e-mail the scan receipt of the shipment to us at Bank/REP. ID TTP00842(MONEYTRANSFER@BARCLAYS.CO.UK OR SHIPMENTVERYFIERS@IN.COM OR PAIDONLINEMERCHANDISE1@ACCOUNTANT.COM)

We shall credit your account once we received the scan receipt of the shipment..

The scan receipt of the shipment will be giving to you at the Courier Services by WWW.POCZTEX.PL

So kindly send us the receipt of the shipment as soon as possible for quick transfer of your money.

If you choose to ignore our request, you leave us no choice but to temporarily suspend your account due to illegal sellers that is common via internet.

Do not hesitate to e-mail us at (MONEYTRANSFER@BARCLAYS.CO.UK OR SHIPMENTVERYFIERS@IN.COM OR PAIDONLINEMERCHANDISE1@ACCOUNTANT.COM) if you have any question(s) regarding this payment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work together to protect your online transaction.

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