Treasury Minister Wasacz recalled

Treasury Minister Wasacz recalled

Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek recalled Treasury Minister Emil Wasacz and appointed Senator Andrzej Chronowski as a new treasury minister. Minister Wasacz resigned so that his person would not become a source of tension within the ruling Solidarity Election Action (AWS), Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek said on Monday Wasacz is expected to explain the reasons behind his move at a press conference today. According to PM Buzek, Wasacz's resignation followed political pressure. Wasacz had been criticised by the opposition and some of the AWS politicians for alleged irregularities in the privatisation process, but he withstood a number of no-confidence motions. Buzek said now AWS minority government faces a difficult task to ease the tension within the grouping. Deputy Senate Speaker Chronowski (39), has specialised in commercial and banking law and ownership transformations, but his experience with the privatisation issues has been minimal. He is believed to be obedient to the anti-privatization group in the AWS. The dismissal of Wasacz has been criticised by Leszek Balcerowicz, the leader of the former ruling coalition junior partner Freedom Union (UW) and former finance minister. Balcerowicz said that AWS had taken a populist course which is dangerous for the economy. "The question arises what will happen with privatisation, which is so important for the stability and growth of the Polish economy," Balcerowicz said. Other commentators have pointed out, however, that some of the most important privatisation deals, including the sale of the national telecom Telekomunikacja Polska (TPSA) have already taken place, so the change of the treasury minister should not have significant effects on the economy.

Źródło: IntelliNews Daily


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