Shareholders meeting of BOS postponed again

Shareholders meeting of BOS postponed again

Shareholders of Bank Ochrony Srodowiska (BOS) decided yesterday to postpone the meeting until Oct 30. This time, it was the Swedish company Trygg, holding about 4% of the bank's stock, that asked for adjourning the meeting, because of ongoing negotiations between Kredyt Bank and Trygg's parent company Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB). Kredyt Bank has been trying to take control over BOS since the beginning of this year, but has been successfully blocked by the bank's majority shareholder, the state-owned National Environment Protection Fund (NFOSiGW). In June, Kredyt Bank called a meeting at which it wanted to introduce its representatives into BOS's board. NFOSiGW managed to push the meeting back twice without passing the resolution in favour of Kredyt Bank. In August, Kredyt Bank reached an agreement with SEB and its subsidiaries to sell its 19.79% stake in BOS. Another 7.7% of BOS's shares will be sold by Kredyt bank's subsidiary Rolmex. SEB has applied to the Banking Supervision authorities for permission to exceed 33% in BOS's share capital. The transaction is to be concluded this autumn.

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